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Why a DONATE button?

Explore Biology is a Web site that I develop and maintain myself. It is not hosted by my school. I use it both for my own classes and to distribute information to other Biology teachers.

Teachers have encouraged me to continue maintaining the Explore Biology Web site and also to expand it. In order to support the costs of doing that, I have decided to adopt the new model of the music industry. Innovative music groups, like RadioHead, have let their fans decide how much the group's music is worth to them and have allowed them to pay whatever they choose to download songs.

I don't feel comfortable charging for my work, so instead I have placed a donation form on the Explore Biology Web site. Feel free to use my material however often you would like. A donation is never required, but it is most definitely appreciated. If you choose to donate, then choose whatever amount you are comfortable with and please accept my heartfelt thanks in return.

If there is a feature that you would find helpful, then .

Warm regards,

Kim B. Foglia

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