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 Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
This lab is a great hands-on simulation of the Sanger method of sequencing DNA, both visually and kinesthetically. It uses colored pop-beads, which represent nucleotides and dideoxynucleotides. The dideoxynucleotides have their "stubs" cut off to simulate the inability of these molecules to extend the DNA chain beyond them.

Afterwards, the students take their DNA segments to the "giant electrophoresis chamber," taped out on a lab bench. They simulate turning on the current and use their hands (and minds!) to move the DNA segments their proper distance along the "sequencing gel".

The pop-beads (4 colors) can be purchased through Carolina Biological Supply. You can buy individual bags of colors: red beads (17-1043), green beads (17-1044), blue beads (17-1045), yellow beads (17-1046)
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