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 AP Audit Teacher Center

Welcome! Here you will find copies of syllabi submitted for the AP audit. These are presented by permission of the authors to help other AP Biology teachers. All rights reserved.

 Submitted Syllabi (Under Review)
  • Keith Stewart 2007
    West Fork High School, West Fork, AR
    Class meets 1 period per day (47 minutes each period) with no additional period for lab.
  • Dr. David Block 2007
    Roosevelt High School, Roosevelt, NY
    Class meets for 40 minutes and 83 minutes on alternating days
 Approved Syllabi
  • Pam Dooling 2007
    Jones High School, Jones, OK
    Trimester system -- class meets 70 minutes per day, all year
  • Christine Westbrook 2007
    Pickens High School, Jasper, GA
    block scheduling with 90 minute classes, the AP Bio class is a year long course, so I have them for 90 minutes a day for 180 days
  • James Weiss 2007
    McGraw High School, Cortland County, NY
    AP Bio meets on an alternating AB schedule: one 40 minute period on A days, a double period on B days
  • Logan Newman 2007
    East High School, Rochester, NY
    84 minute classes, 3x week, 42 minute classes 2x week
  • Samatha Debord 2007
    Dobyns-Bennett High School Kingsport, TN
    90 minute Blocks every day for a full school year. Actually 2 classes, Biology II and AP Biology in the Spring. Biology II is required for students that wish to take AP
  • Karrie Frey 2007
    Tully Jr/Sr High school, Tully, NY
    Classes meet every day for 40 minutes, then every other day with a connected lab period (double period every other day)
  • Tamara Miller 2007
    Brentwood High School, Los Angeles, CA
    Class meets 4 days per week for 50 minutes
  • Mark Adame 2007
    Creekview High School, Carrollton, TX
    Class meets for 50 minutes five days per week. We also complete labs outside of class time.
  • David Fahey 2007
    Lafayette High School, Williamsburg, VA
    4x4 block schedule -- we meet for 90 minutes every day for 18 weeks
  • Joni Brailsford 2007
    Blue Springs South High School, Blue Springs, MO
  • Kim Foglia 2007
    Division Avenue High School, Levittown, NY
    Class meets 2 periods (84 minutes) every day for a full school year.
  • Patricia Laun 2007
    Catonsville High School, Baltimore, MD
  • Michael Frank 2007
    Empire High School Science ITL, Tucson, AZ
    On a modified year-round schedule, all classes meeting for sixty minutes on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and 100-minute blocks split between Tuesday (periods 1,3,5) /Wednesday (periods 2,4,6) with an advisory base class (60 min) at the end of the block days.
  • Liz Deck 2007
    Northview High School, Covina, CA
  • David Knuffke 2007
    Deer Park High School, Deer Park, NY
    Approved in 4 weeks. Class meets for 2 periods every day
  • Dr. Regina E. Katz 2007
    Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, CA
    Students are required to take AP biology along with anatomy/physiology class
 Rejected Syllabi
  • Lisa Ellis 2007
    Milken Community High School, Los Angeles, CA
    Rejected because not enough evidence that "the course provides students with an opportunity to develop a conceptual framework for modern biology emphasizing applications of biological knowledge and critical thinking to environmental and social concerns."

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